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How long will a negligent driving charge stay on a criminal record?

Seattle, WA |

I was arrested for a DUI May 2006 in Lake Forest Park, but the charge got reduced to a 1st negligent driving charge. I wanted to know how long this charge will stay on my record, will it remain forever like a DUI charge? Also, if I am able to get it sealed or expunged and what will a background check show?

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It will not drop off your record automatically. And, no, it does not stay on forever, like DUI. However, in order to have it removed from your record, you need to take certain actions. The first is to complete all the terms and conditions of your sentence (fines, community service, etc.). From this point, the clock starts. You can learn more about the procedures and requirement by viewing the link on Vacation of Misdemeanor Convictions.


Aaron is right, but if your Neg 1 conviction was a plea bargain from an original DUI, you likely won't get a judge to vacate the Neg 1 until 7 years have passed (because the Neg 1 can count as a prior offense for purposes of mandatory minimum sentencing requirements on your next DUI that occurs within 7 years of the first one).

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