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How long will a DWI stay on my record in Texas? I have a 1992 Conviction, can it be removed from my record?

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I am taking a Defensive Driving class for a speeding ticket and a was required to pull my driving record. I noticed my only offense is a DWI conviction in 1992 that was probated along with the DWI Education Course that was competed the same year. Does this stay on my record for ever? Can I have it removed? Does a Trooper/Officer see this on their computer if I am pulled over? This was back in my college days and I would love to get this off my record. I did not know it was on there until I pulled my record for a DDC over a speeding ticket (my only offense in 19 years).

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Texas law is very harsh on people convicted of DWI and currently requires the conviction to stay on your record forever. It is possible that you received a deferred adjudication back then, although it has not been allowed in recent years. If so, you should know that the legislature is currently considering allowing "deferred" again, which might allow records to be hidden after a number of years. This could change your situation, so you want to track the legislation and plead with your local state legislator and Senator to add provisions for deferred adjudication that will allow hiding your conviction after a number of yeas. The cops see the conviction when they stop your car and are much more likely to arrest you for DWI because it is there. Even if the law changes to allow you to hide the conviction from public view, this will stay the same, because only an expungement hides an arrest and can not be granted if there is a conviction, which is your situation.


Here in Arizona, a DUI is a "forever prior", meaning that it can be used to enhance future sentences for criminal conduct no matter how long ago the DUI conviction occurred.


A DWI conviction stays on your record forever. You cannot have it removed or sealed.

Yes, law enforcement sees it when they run you in their computer.

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