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How long until points show up on your record? And/or how long until defensive driving credits show up on your license?

Newark, DE |

My spouse in a bad situation right now... he needs a CDL for work has accumulated 12 points on his license. Meanwhile, he had another ticket pending (which the officer even drove to our house to personally tell him to fight it because it was such bull). When he went to court they ended up changing his ticket to inattentive driving, however the 2 points still made him over the limit for license suspension. That same night, he went home and completed a defensive driving course to get his 3-point credit posted in the system so that he would not lose his license. Today in the mail, he got a letter saying his license will be suspended and when he called they said they will have to get back to him about the way the points post. Not good. Help please!

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While I do not practice law in DE, there are several points that I can post that may be of value in determining the answer to your question. If this were happening in NJ, the problem of getting a license stayed from being suspended would involve the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). The point reduction would post after the MVC was officially notified by the agency through which you took the point reduction course. If the official notification was by computer, the notice would of course arrive faster. If the notice is by snail mail, the notice can take more then a couple of days. I suggest that you find out the answer to this question which will likely tell you the actual answer to your question.

The second point involves the qualifications for holding a CDL in DE. Will the DE Motor Vehicle Agency allow the CDL to stay valid if he gets the 3-point reduction? Did you get this in writing? I suggest you follow-up on this issue as well. Good luck.

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