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How long until a trust is settled once the house would sell?

Dexter, MN |

My mother was 1 of 6 siblings to my late Grandmother. November 19, 2012 the final piece to the trust was finished when the homestead from my grandmother was finally sold. My mother has alzheimers and I am concerned they have left her out of the 6 way settlement on the will. How can I approach ths? What can I do? She would be furious if she knew what was going on.

I am also Power of Attorney for my mother. She is also due an excess over the 6 way split as she had a shed on the property that she was given extra money for.

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I suggest you speak with the trustee and/or personal representative of the estate to get the answers to these questions. You, as POA and acting on her behalf, are also entitled to see any accountings from the trust and from the estate.

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Well at one point my mother was one of the Trustees until she fell ill. There are 2 brothers that are Trustees but neither will respond or speak to me. And thats for the info as far as accounting, I was pretty sure I had a right to see those financials. Thanks


I agree with the previous attorney. If there's still an issue with getting access to the records, you should contact a Probate/Trust attorney to discuss further options/remedies that may be available to you.

Best Wishes.

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I see no reason why you should not be able to access all the documents. Hire a lawyer to assist you if you cannot get cooperation.