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How long should it take to roll an IRA from a management co to myself?

Prescott, AZ |

The complication is that I own 10 shares in a non liquid partnership and the management co is waiting on something from them. I don't want to sell just transfer the shares from the management co to myself. I started this is January and it still hasn't happened. Is there a mandatory time? I am going to need to pay another quarter of management fees as of April.

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You probably sit down with a Retirement Planning professional - including a Business Law attorney or a Financial Planner who works in the Retirement Planning area. There is no 'mandatory' time that i'm aware of. However most companies have some administrative protocols that apply to 'cashing in' an IRA. At this time it seem that 3 months is excessive. Call the Customer Service section of the provider after you speak with a Retirement Planning professional. Good Luck !!