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How long should I wait to ask for early termination of probation?

Mc Lean, VA |

I took a plea of 50 hours community service and probation till my 18th birthday (Oct 15th) on a domestic assault and the case will be dismissed afterwards. I've been on probation for a month now and completed all my community service hours and have had good behavior and never failed a drug test. When should I ask my PO for early termination? What are my chances? I really regret doing what I did and I did learn from my mistakes and i'm in the process of getting a job and just graduated high school 2 days ago and i'm starting college in a few months so I was just wondering what my chances were?

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You should talk to your attorney who handled your case. He would be in the best position to give you advice on this issue. I will tell you that, in my experience with Va. Beach juvenile judges, it is unlikely you would be released at this point. It's commendable that you completed your community service in such a short time, but you have only been on probation for a month. The probation term is for a relatively short period of time. I know four or five months seems like an eternity for a 17 year old, but if you had been 18 and charged with this offense, the probation would have been two years.

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Even with the approval of my PO?

James Donald Garrett

James Donald Garrett


That would help, but it's up to the judge, ultimately. Talk to your attorney; he would be in the best position to advise you on your specifics.

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