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How long should I be a power of attorney to tie up so loose ends?

Anderson, IN |

I have a very good friend in jail, he is awaiting sentencing, but will be going to prison for quite some time. I am trying to figure out how long I should accept this responsibility.

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The practical question of how long you should continue to be the power of attorney is something really between you and your friend. There is no legal requirement for you to continue to be your friend's power of attorney or not. More to the point, even if you are your friend's power of attorney, you are not required to use the power of attorney regardless of your friend's situation under I.C. 30-5-6-1.

However, if you choose to not act that may obviously be detrimental to your friend. If you do not want to be your friend's power of attorney any more, you should let your friend know as soon as possible so they can get someone else to take care of things using a new power of attorney before they go off to jail. Best of luck to you and your friend.

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