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How long should a I-751 form take to be processed? I try to check my status but it says ''case cannot be found''

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I got a misdemeanor for domestic violence (damaged property) when I was 16 yrs old in 2011 I plead not guilty and i did 40 hours community service . I am currently a 18 yr old permanent resident for almost 3yrs. My mom recieved her residence through marriage and I received my residence from her and my stepdad which she is planning to divorce soon. My green card renewal date had already passed in june 2012 my mom filed to renew my status when I was 17. I haven't gotten arrested since that one incident when I was a minor but my mom is frequently making police reports on me over petty things and the cops keep coming I think they are annoyed by her she is trying her best to get me arrested because she want me to be deported. My card is expired and all I have is this I-751 receipt notice

my mother tells me that I am on probation thats why I haven't got my green card as yet but I havent spoken to any probation officer since I've been in this country I only have this extended 1 yr notice from uscis do you think those police reports are affecting my status from progressing?

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you should really speak with an attorney in person. Bit I-751 processing is about 7-9 months. The fact that system can't find your case, does not mean anything - they are behind in inputting the data.

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In my professional experience this cases normally take over one year. If the notice is close to expire, schedule an INFOPASS and they will stamp your passport for another year.


I agree with my colleauge these cases are taking between 7-9 months for joint petitions meaning your stepdad signed too. It could take longer. . . If you get to your last month of the 1 year extension you can get another year extension stamped in your passport if the case is still pending. As your arrest may be an issue and your parents possible divorce too I would urge you to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

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