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How long of a suspension for a DUI with a CDL.Had regular license suspended for one year but does not know how long for CDL.

Joliet, IL |

DUI was in personal vehicle and blew .15.Had regular divers license suspended for one year.We are trying to find out how long CDL will be suspended but am having hard time getting a answer.

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CDL's are federally regulated and therefore, suspensions are quite uniform across the country. If this is your first DUI then it will be revoked for a period of 1 year. If, however, this is your second DUI then your CDL will be revoked for life.


Mr. Glass is correct with one possible exception. If this is a second DUI, the first one may not affect CDL status if it occurred before September 2005. That is when the federal law resulting in lifetime suspensions for a second DUI went into effect. If the first DUI was before the effective date of the law, the CDL issue will be a matter of state law - some states look at any second DUI while others only count those after the effective date. If this is a second and you are in one of the bad states, see a DUI specialist lawyer for help. He may be able to convince the BMV to only count post-2005 offenses.


CDLs are not "suspended" they are disqualified for one year for DUI. After the year, you will have to re-test.

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