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How long of a sentence does manufacturing meth carry in the state of ga?

Springfield, GA |

my twins's father's home burned down on sunday. he was not home when the fire started but an acquaintence was there. she was leaving to "go get help" when he was met her leaving his driveway. The next day he was arrested for manufacturing meth. while i do not believe that he's completly innocent i do not understand why he was the only one arrested and she was hasn't even been questioned, although she is a known meth addict.

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You will not get many straight answers to this because there are many factors which can affect the sentence. You should know as you look for information, that what you have described is both a Geoargia and a federal offense punishable depending on the past record for as much as thirty years. Knowing how things work in Effingham, and the publicity surrounding these type of cases, the state is expecting tocome down hard. You do need to know if the case will be federally prosecuted as some of my previous cases have gone that way and that is bad as there is no parole in Fed. cases. Do not delay, the first to settle, gets the best deal usually.


5 to 30 yrs for a first conviction for manufacturing meth; 10 to 40 yrs for a second conviction. Can be all prison, all probation, or a combination of the two.

Feds can give lighter sentences if they take the case and if he has no criminal history.

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