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How long it takes to complete background check?

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I applied to replace old green card with no expiration date.
Called NBC, person who I spoke with gave me the information off the USCIS Status report which is not updated.

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The background checks can take a very very long time. It all depends. Sometimes it seems like USCIS is intentionally stalling your application using the background check. Though thtat usually only happens if you are Muslim (

If you don't hear anything in a few months then you may wish to inquire as to what is taking so long.

Sometimes they are much faster. There is no hard and fast rule here.

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It usually takes about 6 months, but could be much longer.


There is no time frame for background checks. If the I-90 replacement of the greencard application is over the processing time, then you can ask to set up an inquiry status check. If it is not over the processing time you cannot do this. If it is over the processing time listed on the site, then call back and insist on and inquiry.

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Probably at least several months. Nobody but USCIS could tell you for sure.

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I am aware of cases where the checks lasted for up to five years in some instances.

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