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How long is the statue of limitatons in Texas on a MIP charge

Austin, TX |

MIP gotten in 2009 at football game Never recieved anything in mail on this, no citation, no paper work, no courtdate, 2013 when Austin did warrent roundup, I called to ck on this citation 2009 they said they had warrrent out for me, had sent all paperwork to wrong city at wrong address. Now charging me with MIP and Alocohol in prohibiated area.

Statue of limitations on MIP charge

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The statute of limitations for an MIP is 2 years from the date of the offense. If a complaint is filed during the 2 years, then the case can be pursued. If you did not receive proper notice of the charges, that is something you can address with the court, but it does not mean the charges will be automatically dropped. An attorney can help you handle these charges in the best way to minimize the consequences. The attorney can also get more specific information to decide whether you should contest the charges.

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The statute of limitations for a minor in possession charge is two years. However, if the State filed a complaint within two years of the alleged violation, then they may have met the statutory time frame even if you didn't receive proper notice.

You should contact an attorney about this matter. It is possible that due to the age of the violation, the State's case may no longer be strong enough for you to be convicted.

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This is not a statute of limitations question. If the case was filed back then, the statute was met. It may be a speedy trial question for their lack of due diligence in prosecuting you. You need a ticket attorney to handle this for you. They can post an attorney bond. There are many technical ways to get old cases like this dismissed.

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