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How long is someone held in Stewart Detention Center (Lumpkin, GA) before the bond hearing?

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My friend was arrested for DUI in May 2011. He went to court 2 weeks ago and had to serve 24 hours in jail. Upon his release he was taken into ICE Custody. His visa expired one year ago, but he was married before the expiration. He missed his interview for the Green card because his wife was sick. He informed immigration, but he was still put in the system for being illegal. He has been in ICE custody for two weeks and is supposed to have a bond hearing via teleconference with his lawyer and the judge. My question is how long does this usually take? Today is day 16. Thanks in advance for your help!

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He has a lawyer. The lawyer knows all the facts of his case. We do not. You need to be asking these questions from his lawyer.

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I have spoken to the lawyer, and he does not have a date for the hearing. Each week he says the hearing will be this week, but it seems as though it keeps getting pushed back. Just wondering if this is normal, maybe the courts are backed up with lots of detainees? Most sites I've researched said the average time is 2-7 days, so this is why I am a bit concerned. Any further info would be appreciated.


As my colleague stated, it is important to talk to your friend's immigration attorney. While I do not know how long he will be held until his bond hearing occurs, at the very least I can provide a telephone number that will let you know when his next hearing is scheduled. You can call the immigration courts at 1-800-898-7180. You will need your friend's A# to learn when his next hearing will take place.

I hope that this helps.

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I agree-there is a lawyer that knows the facts of this case. Ask her.


He needs to retain an immigrationa ttorney who can advocate on is behalf.

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16 days is not unusual. During my most recent court appearance in Lumpkin, the IJ had 72 cases on her docket that day alone. They do a good job of moving the cases through but there are a lot of cases. My collegue provided a number to the EOIR where you may monitor his court dates. Another recommendation is for a family member to speak with his attorney who can provide all of the details.