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How long is gonna take to finalize my divorce?

White Plains, NY |

I served the second part of my uncontested divorce papers 2 weeks ago on the Westchester Supreme Court. My ex husband agreed to sign (returning the papers to my hands on the next day) and we dont have kids or share properties. I know i have some waiting period but really need to know how long is taking to finalize a divorce on the Westchester Supreme Court? I know thats hard to predict but more or less? Thanks.

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Depends on the backlog at the time the paperwork is filed. Make sure you submit a self addressed stamped postcard with the paperwork. As soon as it is signed you will receive the postcard.

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Westchester is taking about 3-4 months on average to sign judgments of divorce from when all the papers have been submitted. That said, unfortunately, if you are representing yourself, those submissions often take longer as those have a high percentage of errors in them.

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A few months. Have patience.


Just a tip: you can track the progress on the court's e-courts system. Good luck.



Thanks Morghan! I have checked but i dont think my process is in the records yet.