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How long is a Property Lien from a debt collector on my home valid in Colorado? Real Estate Attorney please.

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If a debt collector gets a judgement and puts a Lien on my primary residence, how long does it remain and how is interest compounded?

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A judgment lien is effective for six years for County Court cases and 20 years for District Court. The judgments can be renewed for additional time.

The interest rate and terms depends on the debt agreement.

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Stephen Clark Harkess

Stephen Clark Harkess


The judgment is good for 6 or 20 year. The lien is only good for 6 years after recording.


A recorded transcript of judgment acts as a lien on the property for 6 years from the date of recording. It can be refiled to extend the period at any time so long as the judgment is still good.

The underlying judgment is good for 6 years if issued by the county court or small claims court and 20 years if issued by the District Court. The judgment can be renewed for an additional 6 or 20 year period if the creditor files the appropriate request with the Court.

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