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How long in washington state do I have before I need to file an WC. How do I prove I have a cum. Trauma Disorder.

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I am getting ankle sugery but I am afraid my old company won't rehire me if I file l and i so I am paiding for my own surgery. I am unemployed now since dec 2010

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If for a distinct injury, one year for the injury. If for an occupational disease, two years from the time the doctor tells you of the condition and gives you notice of your right to file a claim.

§ 51.28.050. Time limitation for filing application or enforcing claim for injury

No application shall be valid or claim thereunder enforceable unless filed within one year after the day upon which the injury occurred or the rights of dependents or beneficiaries accrued, except as provided in RCW 51.28.055 and 51.28.025(5).

§ 51.28.055. Time limitation for filing claim for occupational disease - Notice - Hearing loss claims - Rules

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section for claims filed for occupational hearing loss, claims for occupational disease or infection to be valid and compensable must be filed within two years following the date the worker had written notice from a physician or a licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner: (a) Of the existence of his or her occupational disease, and (b) that a claim for disability benefits may be filed