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How long for alcohol and weed to leave your system?

Truckee, CA |

today i got a probation lab test . i have not drank since Saturday ( today being Wednesday ) and i shot gunned a hit of marijuana ( blowing smoke from one persons mouth to another usually followed by a kiss ) from my girl friend on Saturday as well . will i show up dirty ? and if i do how do i prevent getting locked up ? ( i have the one more chance rule , if i fail a st i go to out of home placement )

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I can't tell you how hard it is to resist the temptation to ask you if you're crazy, Dude. So I won't.

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Why if you are on probation and you know there is a hammer hanging over your head would you take a chance by taking illegal drugs and drinking alcohol (I am assuming you were ordered not to drink alcohol). Well alcohol leaves the system fairly quickly and would not show. THC on the other hand takes a while. There will be evidence of at least the metabolite in your system. Get an attorney.

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Whether you show up "dirty" or not will depend on how much THC actually went into your system. The labs usually have cutoffs for minimum amounts. Get an attorney and good luck!


Are you high? Seriously? How do you prevent getting locked up? Don't be stupid and stop doing that which you already know you shouldn't be doing. And yes, you will probably test positve for THC. Hope it was worth it.