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How long dose it take to process an I-130

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I am here in the US came with a visa 12 yrs ago, now am married to a US citizen and I have filed my I-130 March 2013, I got the receipt number and up to date when I look up online on the status it says its still on initial review.
It's over 3months now., next Saturday will be 4 months. Is that usual? What's going on here?

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Every case is fact specific. This is normal and you need to be patient.

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Is it safe to assume that you filed the I-130 at the same time as you filed a I-485, I-765 and other forms?

If not, you made a mistake and your I-130 has probably been put into a 'slow track' ... instead of the faster one-step track which is more appropriate for the spouse of a US citizen who entered with a visa, even if it is expired.

You should consult with an attorney.

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No I just did the I-130, the adjust status and ...


The average processing time is 5 and 1/2 months.

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Most of our clients in North Carolina receive an appointment notice to have their biometrics ( fingerprints, photos) taken at a USCIS ASC center about one to two months after receiving their 130/485 receipt notice, with final decisions taking 4-5 months. You may want to consult with an immigration attorney to make sure your case was properly filed with the appropriate supporting documents.


Yes, if you only filed the petition. No, if you also filed his adjustment of status application, too. I highly recommend you meet with an attorney. My initial consultations are free, if you want more information.


If you did not file than adjustment application (along with the other necessary applications and forms and supporting evidence, you petition may be on a slower track. Average time for a properly filed petition with adjustment 4 to six months to be scheduled for interview.


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