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How long does the state of Texas had to indict a person

Brenham, TX |

was arrested for poss. of a controlled substances forgeryand poss. of controlled substance on Dec 27,2011 but was indicted for 1 poss.charge

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The statute of limitations period varies from offense to offense. I can't tell yours from the information you've provided. I can tell you that this far out it's a lot less likely that the remaining charges will be filed.

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until statute of limitations is over

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They have until the statute of limitations runs to indict him. If they only indicted him on one of the two charged offenses, it could mean they are trying to get more evidence to decide on the other one UNLESS they issued a no-bill on the other ones. His lawyer will be able to tell him more.

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If your case has not been indicted after six months your attorney can move to dismiss the case or ask for an examining trial.

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