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How long does the state have to make date for a grand jry hearing for a felony charge in ny state

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person arreseted on felony charges was arraigned and released on bail. a date has been set to return to the court where the charges had been set but now has been told many days later that they have to go to a grand jury hearing to answer the felony. when the person was arrested they were told that they would not have the hearing that they were to return to the other court . Dont the state of ny have only a certain amount of days to set date for hearing after arrest?

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In New York State when a person is arrested for a felony, the District Attorney's Office of the county in which the crime allegedly occurred has six months from the date of arrest to present evidence to a Grand Jury and obtain an indictment and announce readiness for trial in County Court.

If after arrest the person was taken into custody and brought before a local judge and arraigned on (informed of) the charge, and the judge set bail, a Preliminary Hearing ("PH") must be held within 144 hours. If at any time before the PH the person is released from custody because bail was posted, the PH will not be held. The prosecutor can also choose to not conduct the PH. If the PH is not held, it does not mean that the charge is dismissed.

On agreement of the defense attorney and prosecutor, the case can remain in the local court while they negotiate a misdemeanor plea. On the other hand, the case can be removed from the local court for the purpose of the prosecutor presenting the charge to the Grand Jury. Understand that the "clock" controlling the time for all of this to occur can, at the request of the defense, be stopped if doing so is likely to lead to a more favorable resolution of the case.

From your statement, the case is at a critical stage, so the help of a local, experienced criminal defense attorney is strongly advised. There are many factors which need to be explained in order for the defendant to make a well-informed decision.


They have 183 days absent consent adjournments.
The other days you've heard about only relate to people in jail and involve their possible release, not the end of the case.

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The DA has a total of 6 months to be ready for trial and on a felony the first step in getting ready is presenting the case to the grand jury. Not all days count.

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