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How long does the respondent have to respond after defendant serves new OSC in CA- Riverside county.

Costa Mesa, CA |

After being served with a petition, summons, and order to show cause; I responded with objections on 7/13 by having the petitioners attorney served and then on 7/19 I hand delivered a copy to the petitioner. I would like to find out, not only what I can expect next but how long they have to respond.

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This is not legal advice nor is it intended to create an attorney-client relationship. You should consult an attorney who can analyze and advise you as to your unique situation.

Practically speaking, you could be handed their response the day of the hearing. It is also very possible that the judge may keep you there all morning and tell you to come back at a later time. It is equally possible that you walk in, look at the docket, and find that the judge has already made his/her ruling. At which point you may be given an opportunity to be heard, very briefly, as to why you disagree with the tentative ruling.

If the items to be addressed at the hearing include child visitation, custody, or support, you will first have to have completed the court mediation. If you have not done so, the matter will likely be continued to another date. So do not miss it.

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Good luck to you both