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How long does it usually take for someone to get indicted for a charge?

Austin, TX |

My son has 5 felonies pending. The main one being attemped capital murder. Does he have to be indicted on each case or will it be all together ? And how long do they have or does it take ?
Also why does a attorney have to wait for them to be indicted before doing anything ?

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The District Attorney's office will make the decision on how they wish to proceed on the Indictment of the cases after they staff the Capital Murder case. Typically, they will not do anything to complicate that case. The process could take some time and your son could be Indicted on a less serious case to get a high bond set and not rush the Capital case.The defense attorney is waiting for the case to be Indicted so that he has legal grounds to file Motions and gain Discovery. You should be asking these questions to the attorney that is currently assigned to the case. Travis County has a reputation for appointing very qualifies attorney to their Capital list. If you are thinking about retaining an attorney on your own I can give you my recommendation if you wish. Contact me by going through my website at


The time from case filing and indictment varies greatly from county to county. Large counties have grand juries, often more than one, sitting throughout the year. Smaller counties do not. Each felony case has to go through the grand jury. The exception to this is if the defendant and the state are willing to waive the grand jury and proceed to punishment.

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