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How long does it usually take for an arrest warrant for a felony in Los Angeles county to be issued?

Glendale, CA |
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The answer is for an arrest warrant, it is usually very fast.

Do you know an arrest warrant was ordered by a judge?

If you have not done so already, you might want to call a bail bondsman to have them verify it has not been issued. They will be thorough because they want to tell you it is out there so they can write the bond and make some money.


It becomes. Issues as soon as the failure to appear happens of when the judge orders it. I think the question you're really asking is when it is carried out. And that varies by county and need. Some counties issue the warrants, but never actively pursue them. Instead, they just wait until you are arrested again at some point down the road.

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If you were charged with a felony and you missed your court date, then the judge will issue an arrest warrant. At this time, either they will proceed to actively come and arrest you or they will wait till something happens and you get arrested and warrant for this case will show up. You are not clear as to if you were charged or missed the court. It would be helpful to know in order to properly respond to your question. When you state 4 months, is that from date that you had to be in court?


There is no set answer for this. If you have an open felony investigation it would be very wise to hire counsel to see if there is a way to make this go away before it is filed if possible. Better to be proactive. There are many variables. If we can be of assistance we do offer a one time free consult.

Brian Michaels
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

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