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How long does it take too get check after signing off on offer from car accident claim

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I accepted the offer from the insurance. Company and my lawyer had me sign the paper with the offer I wanted. How long does it take for me too get my money and how do I know if I'm getting lump sum or payments from insurance company?

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It should not take more than a week for a small check to arrive. If the amount is substantial, I.e. Over 10 K for example, it may take much longer as the settlement draft would have to be issued from the main office. Once the draft is received it will go into your attorney trust account. Add another 10 to 15 days to be on the safe side. Hope you will see you money soon. Happy New Year.

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Yiu should ask your attorney. Some states have a law which sets the time frame for payment of a settlement before interest starts accruing. The settlement agreement itself may set forth a deadline for payment. It will then need to clear your attorney's trust account. Good luck to you.

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New York law provides that insurance companies have 21 days from receipt of settlement papers to send a check. The check then has to go into your lawyer's escrow account and clear before you get your check. That should take another week or so.If there are liens to pay, particularly Medicare or Medicaid, you may have to wait to get your check, but usually there are not such liens in routine auto accident cases. Insurance companies don't comply with the law 100% of the time, but generally they do.

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Under NYS law the insurance company has 21 days to send the check if your lawyer serves the release via certified mail and makes a 21 day demand in the letter.

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