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How long does it take to settle the medical,loss of wages, and pain and suffering portion of a car accident

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how long does it take to settle a medical claim from a car accident once the treatment for injury has been completed, and also can you sue for losing your job as a result of the accident as well as lost wages,

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Yes you can sue for lost wages as well as loss of job from a car accident. You may sue for medical expenses both past and future. Other damages might include pain and suffering both past and future (if the injury is permanent), scarring, loss of consortium, etc....

Consider hiring a lawyer. Studies show the settlement value of a case increases double when a lawyer negotiates with the insurance company.

The settlement time-line can vary greatly depending on many variables. If an attorney is involved on your behalf, the insurers usually act quicker. The insurers try to drag things out as long as possible, because every day they keep the money the richer they get.

That is why you should have a lawyer.

One case I had settled in less than 30 days after I got involved because the insurance company did not want to have to consider taking the case to trial and losing with me as the attorney for the plaintiffs. That is the way it works.. Before that almost 20 months had gone on with the insurer horsing the claimants around and around.

Hire a skilled lawyer.

The settlement amount might double and the time frame to settle will likely shorten significantly.

Alan Brinkmeier


First, don't assume that your case will settle. Settlement is dependent upon mutual agreement between both sides concering both the liability issues in the case, and the damage issues (or value of the case). There is no way to know in advance whether you will be able to reach agreement. Having said that it should not take too long to determine whether it is necessary to pursue litigation. In my own practice, once I have submitted the appropriate documentation of my client's claim to the insurance company, I typically give the matter about 30-60 days to settle, If the case has not settled in that time frame I usually suggest to my client that we file suit. Good luck.

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Unfortunately, there is no set time period. Settlements require everyone to agree on the value of a claim, and people don't always agree. You can sue for lost wages if the loss is related to the injury which you sustained in the accident. I'm sorry to sound like a broken record, but you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer and get some advice about how to proceed-- this is too important to mess up.

Best of luck.

Michael W. Clancy


There is no set time for cases to settle, and in cases where the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, a suit needs to be filed. You would be wise to hire a personal injury attorney experienced in dealing with this process.

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