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How long does it take to settle a workers comp case? is there anyway that i can settle it sooner than later?

Tracy, CA |

i was in prison when i was injured in fire camp i was given workers comp and attained an attorney my injury is a broken hip so i am limited to work of any kind i cant stand, lift, or set for long and i dont have any money what can i do to get this settled ASAP.

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Attorney answers 3


It's impossible to tell you how long it will take to settle your case. All cases are different, and generally a settlement does not occur until you have recovered from your injury to the extent possible. I'm not sure where you are in your recovery right now. That being said, your attorney is always free to propose a settlement to the claims administrator, so I would consult with your attorney and try to formulate a game plan to get your case settled.


You already have an attorney so this is the sort of question you should be discussing with him.

No case can be settled until your medical condition reaches "maximum medical improvement." It doesn't sound like the doctors have put you at that point yet. When will you be there? No one can tell. You might want to discuss this with your treating doctors.

Good luck.


I agree with the other attorneys that responded to your question. Cases are settled and concluded after the treatment comes to an end, and after you are evaluated to determine the nature and extent of your disability. Your attorney is in the best position to answer your questions, so reach out to your attorney. Good luck.