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How long does it take to mail a citation?

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On my 21st birthday which was the 30th of April I allegedly received a citation for public intoxication. I don't really remember because I was really under the influence. I do know that I was in the process of trying to get a cab to take me home when the police talked to me. I was also told that the officers only have 10 days to file the citation with the magistrate. I live only about 25 min away in a neighboring county. I was wondering how long it will take to receive my citation or at what point should I stop worrying about it. I want to become a teacher and am very concerned about how this will affect my future. I know I have to plead not guilty and try to get the offense differed down.

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Hello there,

Citations like these are often filed with the court and then it takes a reasonable period of time to received it in the mail.

Don't worry about the citation interfering with possible employment because there are methods to obtain a deferred disposition so it will not show up on your record.


Erick Platten



First, you should make sure that the citation has not been filed and served without your knowledge. Check the Unified Judicial System Website at and search under "Docket Sheets" and "Magisterial District Courts" using your name as search criteria. If the citation is listed, you should immediately contact the Court to address the criminal charge. At the same time, you should hire an attorney for representation regarding this issue. It is generally not a defense that you were not aware of the charges against you, so you should take active steps to attempt to verify any criminal charges. And any defense related to receiving a citation "late" must also include the prejudice that you suffered as a result of the late issuance of the citation, which is very difficult to prove. Your best strategy may be to defend against the charges rather than attempt to avoid them.