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How long does it take to issue a bench warrant?

Aurora, CO |

Its for a no insurance ticket, I set up a payment plan an have already paid $100 but i still owe $432.00 but im not able to pay. Therefore there going to issue a warrant.

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It depends on the Court. Generally, it the same day that the Court clerk informs the Judge of non payment. It is wise to send in whatever small payments you can to show the intend to pay. If a warrant is issued file a request with the court to quash the warrant because of inability to pay. If you can show that you are unable to pay per the schedule but it pay whatever you could you should be okay with a reasonable Judge.


Some courts set a review date which should have mentioned at sentencing. At the review date the court will check to see if the costs and fines was paid in full, if not, the judge will issue a warrant at that time. If you are unable to pay, you need to contact the court and set up other arrangements. You may be able to avoid a warrant completely if you just let the court know what is going on.

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