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How long does it take to get us citizenship after filing my application?

Hattiesburg, MS |

I'm posting this question although there are other similar ones to get the most recent answer.

I've lived in the south for basically all my life (I'm 19 years old) and I need to get my US passport before next August. How long will the process take after I submit my application? I know it takes only a few weeks to get a US passport, but it means I need to be naturalized by June-ish. I'm not married nor do I have kids so I'm hoping that my application will be processed faster.

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The complexity of the naturalization application depends on a variety of circumstances. Since these issues may impact your eligibility for naturalization, it is usually critical for you to have expert advice before filing your application. We have encountered situations where a permanent resident failed to register for selective service, had a minor criminal conviction, or did not work for his/her petitioning employer for a sufficient period of time. The processing time varies by jurisdiction but hopefully should be completed by next June.

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