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How long does it take to get charges

Edina, MN |

I was fired and booked 8 months ago for theft and haven't received charges!

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The State could have up to 6 years to file charges. The fact that its already been 8 months could be a good thing. It may be in your best interest to speak with an attorney in person about what could happen if you are never hurt to have a game plan in place. Obviously, the best case scenario is that you are never charged.


With any luck it will take forever (as in never). I would not be in any hurry. In the meantime, avoid speaking about it, except to a criminal defense lawyer.


That sort of delay is not common, but not unheard of. I have a client who was charged one year after the fact. The State has up to the statute of limitations in which to charge you, which depending on the offense could be anywhere from three to six years.


Lie low and don't discuss the case (except with an attorney), as mentioned by other lawyers. Hope they do not get around to charging it.

Wait for the statute of limitations to end. If they do not charge you by that point, you should then get your booking expunged.


It may be worth discussing this with an attorney in private because there are some maneuvers that can potentially made to determine whether charges are pending without stirring the pot or reminding anyone. Also, if you are maintaining that in fact you did NOT steal anything and the termination was on false premises, that may be an issue for consideration.

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