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How long does it take to get back child support out of a tax return?

Kingman, KS |

my ex is very far behind and has avoided paying the full amopunt of child support that he is ordered to pay cause he cant keep a job or quites his job the second they start garnishing his paycheck. how long do i have to wait until they pull it out of his tax return?

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Attorney answers 1


You will need to ask the child support enforcement office in the state enforcing the order. In general, the office would wait for the child support to reach at least a certain amount (such as 6 times the month child support amount) before contacting the federal government.

Since an employee can reduce his tax withholdings via a W-4, seizing child support via intercepting tax refunds may not work with persons who know to file a W-4 to claim many exemptions.

You can review your facts with your attorney to see if you have other ways to collect the child support.