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How long does it take to get a notice that i-589 form was received by USCIS cnter?

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Hello! My friend sent asylum i-589 form with all papers, copies and photo required. She lives in NYC and sent it to Vermont USCIS center. Now 3 weeks passed already and she didn't get any notcie or response that her application was received. How long does it usually take to get it and is it normal? Thank you/

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Usually within 45 days they call for the asylum interview. It seems like the service centers are delaying a lot on the receipts nowadays. We are in California, and I have noticed that they are delaying in sending the receipt notice.
It should come in soon. If not call them.
Good Luck

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It is usually 3 to 4 weeks. You should be getting it any day now. If you don't, just give them a call.