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How long does it take to get a court date after filing for an uncontested divorce in ft. lauderdale, florida ?

Pompano Beach, FL |

I filed for an uncontested divorce since late September, 2011 and I have not received a court date yet. What is the average time period to receive a court date? Please help.

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If you have filed all of the necessary documents including the petition, answer and waiver, notice of social security number, financial affidavits, child support guidelines if applicable and a marital settlement agreement signed by both you and your spouse, then you need to go to the clerk's office to request a final hearing and they will schedule it for you. If any of the above documents have not been filed, they will need to be filed first before the clerk will schedule a final hearing.


The court typically does not automatically assign a court date. You have to request one. Presuming all of your necessary paperwork has been filed and your case is ready to proceed to Final Judgment, you would need to contact the judicial assistant for the judge to whom your case is assigned and request hearing time for the entry of the Final Judgment. You should consult with an attorney to assist you if you are not familiar with how to coordinate and schedule a final judgment hearing.

Please note that THESE COMMENTS ARE NOT INTENDED AS LEGAL ADVICE and are for informational purposes only. This response is not intended to create any attorney-client relationship and is only based on the limited facts given. The response might change should additional facts be learned and should not be relied on as legal advice. It is recommended that you consult with an attorney who can properly assess the situation, as well as all pertinent facts, prior to taking any action based on the foregoing statements.



I already called the broward county court where i filed and they basically told me that a court date will be generated when the judge is available and there is an available date. So that is why I wanted to know typically how long will it take to receive a court date in the mail.

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