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How long does it take to get a court date???

Marion, IL |

I filled,she lied & works for state of IL.,,got me,handicapped by wreck with no income,,tossed from home by OP after trying (without success) to have me arrested ,,deputy said I'd done nothing wrong day before..she knows all of the courthouse people due to her job..went in next morning got an OP and now I'm pretty hopeless..I can embarress the appointed Sheriff as well as cost her her job. I've already fired 1 attorney over this...really don't trust the new this is ELECTION YR. She was allowed to get away with hit & run to a friends truck,,as seen on video surv.+ then admitted to it..Sheriff's Dept. wouldn't even take report..or act when I gave the SHERIFF a copy of video,,she has also 3rd time , threatened 79 yr. old mother with beat' obtained OP for now.Any suggestions??

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Ugh, sigh... You've stated you already have counsel. That bars any reputable attorney on Avvo (or anywhere else) from weighing in. We're not here to second guess other attorney's.

Calm down, take a deep breath, and schedule an appointment with your attorney. That's what you pay them for.


As stated. You are represented. Take these issues up with your attorney. Good luck.


Unless I am missing something, I assume that your question does not have to do with divorce. If the court date you are asking about relates to the Order of Protection that you feel was unjustly entered against you, the court date should be on the Order of Protection itself.

You really should take this up with your attorney. At the very least, check your court file to verify the next scheduled court date.