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How long does it take to change from Request for Evidence to Request for Evidence Response Review for I-485 greencard ?

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I was requested for Request for Evidence RFE with gold sheet for photos and how long does it take to change from Request for Evidence RFE to Request for Evidence RFE Response Review for I-485 ?
I sent to USCIS service center already it was 1 week ago and I still dont see any improvement changes in my case status from USCIS website as it still in RFE.
The case is viewed by Taxes service center.
Thank you

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Thank you for posting your question.

Normally, after you submit a response to a Request for Evidence, USCIS reports that they will adjudicate the application within about 60 days after receipt. If you do not receive an update from USCIS after 60 days of their receipt of the RFE Response, you may want to call USCIS and place a service inquiry.

Additionally, in the next week or so, the online status may change to reflect 'RFE Response Review' or at least acknowledge that they have received your response. If you only sent the response in one week ago, then its not unusual for the system to not be updated as of yet.

Good luck!

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Coincidentally I just got the update from USCIS ,Thanks for your kindly information


I agree with my colleague. I hope you mailed in the RFE with some tracking method via post office or courier.

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The online system is sometimes slow to update and should not be relied on as the sole method of determining if your evidence has been received. If you do not see a change in another week, call the USCIS helpline.

The time it takes to review depends on several factors including the complexity of the RFE and the USCIS examiner. It appears your RFE was not complex, so hopefully the case will be resolved quickly.