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How long does it take NVC to process AOS? Can u say when i will have to pay IV fee?

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NVC does NOT process Adjustment of Status (AOS). Adjustment is filed with USCIS directly. If your case is currently at the National Visa Center, that means that at the filing of the petition, you intended to apply for an immigrant visa abroad (consulate processing). That would be OK if you are currently outside of the US or you are not eligible to adjust. However, if you are currently in the US and wish to apply to adjust, you would submit the application with USCIS, assuming you are otherwise eligible. Be careful, because if you are not eligible to adjust, USCIS will deny your application and may initiate removal proceedings. Speak to a qualified immigration attorney to see if you are eligible to adjust.

Assuming you are going to continue with the NVC (consulate), the IV fees are paid when NVC sends you an invoice, prior to submitting your application.

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Depends on the consular post your case will be sent to.


The time period depends on where the application is sent.

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The NVC does not process AOS. You should have submitted the AOS if eligible for AOS to CIS. CIS normally takes 4 to 6 months. If you are proceeding through consular process, the NVC normally takes 2-3 months.


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