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How long does it take for USCIS to accept my case and issue the recipe?

Seattle, WA |

My lawyer filed my I751 around this time last month. I haven't received any recipe from USCIS. I called USCIS and they said they haven't received my package. I also talk to my lawyer and she said they may have a pile of file to take care and it may take awhile to be filed. I live in Washington state and I think my file will be sent to California. I do not know when I will get my recipe since my green card is going to be expired next month 17th

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It can take up to 30 days.

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It can take up to a month to get the receipt, so it might be coming soon. If not, try to get a copy of the cashed check. Sometimes they will put the receipt number on the back.

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The USCIS usually takes about 30 days to issue a receipt. As my colleague mentioned below, try to see if you can get a copy of the cashed check from your bank - they may have entered the receipt number there and haven't sent out the actual receipt yet.

Since you already have your attorney working on this matter, they would be the best person to seek advice from since they are more familiar with your case and could follow up with USCIS regarding your case status.

Best of luck!

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"they may have a pile of file to take care and it may take awhile to be filed." Who is the "they". If "they" is your attorney, then, obviously, USCIS is not going to send a receipt for a package USCIS has not received yet.

When USCIS receives your petition to remove condition, USCIS will send you information that it has extended your green card's validity for another year.

You should check with your attorney that the petition has been sent. Many offices do use delivery methods that have tracking information. You can ask your attorney to share that tracking information with you.


They only need to have received the petition prior to the expiration of your current status, so you should be fine. Personally, I always file everything via FedEx in order to have easy confirmation of the date it was received. I want to add, though, that you selected your lawyer, so you obviously trusted him or her. It is actually wrong for another lawyer to interfere with a contract you already have, so you should trust your lawyer.

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