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How long does it take for the probation violation dept. to find out you did violate probation?

Lynnwood, WA |

In 2009 I had dui and it got reduced to wreckless driving. In 2010 my case was finally over with and I got the wrekless driving charge with two years probation. My second offense In 2010 I was arrested and put to jail for hit and run and dui charge. It has been about six months and so far I have not heard from the first court where I got wreckless driving. So, how long does it take for them to see I messed up again. Im so stupid and deserve jail. So I just want to go soon, since my life sucks and I dont have anything else to do. I want to go, should I just call them and tell them to send me now. Im not drunk now, sober and just super miserable. I deserve jail. So, I should just call and say send me now?

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You really need to be proactive on this problem. I strongly suggest you contact a lawyer and discuss with that lawyer contacting the court and making the court aware of this other offense. Especially in the probation situation, you are much better if the court hears about it from you rather than from another source. There are a number of dangers to this strategy so I suggest that you do this with the assistance of a lawyer rather than contacting the court yourself without a lawyer. Depending upon the kind of probation you are on and the procedures of the court or the probation department, the court may know about it very quickly or may not find out about it until they do a records check at the end of your probation time.

Good Luck!


The time it takes a court, or probation dept in Snohomish County courts to find new criminal violations and set a "Show Cause" hearing varies widely. You should start a formal outpatient substance abuse treatment program as soon as possible. There are some that can assist with State funding, and others offer a "sliding fee scale" for payment. Please get involved with AA or another support group. The potential jail time probably adds up to 2 yrs, 3 mos, up to 3 full years. Most Sno Co judges will give you a second chance if you come to the "Show Cause" hearing already doing something about your substance abuse problem that led to your legal mess. It has nothing to do with being "stupid". You have a disease, and even if you serve a maximum sentence (which is unlikely unless you continue to violate), eventually you will be out in the community. I'm guessing you are still a young man. You are at a crossroad. The courts will make sure you are punished, and that any damage caused will be paid back, but if you do nothing, the next charge you face might be vehicular homicide. You should start by finding treatment resources, including AA meetings. Get a few months of sobriety under your belt. Make sure you have a lawyer representing you on BOTH cases. If possible, it's best to have the same lawyer dealing with both. If you need court appointed lawyers, make sure they both know about the other case. There are many alternatives to serving the balance of a suspended jail sentence doing straight time. But you will have to be proactive. In my 14 years of defending criminal cases, I've seen much worse situations than what you face. Treat it as a "wake-up call". There's plenty of help available with a minimum of effort or expense. Good luck.


Mr. Stephen's answer is very good. AA is highly recommended.

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Well maybe you don't "deserve jail", but you are likely to serve a considerable term there. If any your probation cases are in one of the municipal courts, you will likely serve your time in Yakima. Good luck. I hope you can remain sober without being miserable. Jail probably won't help. Maybe you should get your affairs in order and report the violation and take your sentence.

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