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How long does it take for someone to get arrest after a warrant is issued?

West Springfield, MA |

my brother in-law stole and sold my bobcat mower. It was valued over $600 so its a felony. We found the man he sold it to and got the bobcat back. The man picked him out of a line up of pictures so everything with the case is finished. My brother in-law is out on bail right now for other felony charges for breaking and entering, assult and a few other things. I spoke with the detective last week to get an update on the case and he told me that the charges have been filed and he issued the warrant. How long until the police arrest him?

the charges of breaking and entering, assult and other charges weren't from me. That is a seperate case from a couple months ago.

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Contrary to popular belief, most arrest warrants are not actively pursued by police departments. Unless the local police department has specifically assigned a warrant team or a particular officer or detective to go out looking for him, the apprehension of the suspect will be passive, meaning that he probably won't get arrested until the police come across him randomly (for example, if he gets pulled over for a traffic violation) or if he turns himself in.

If you have any information about where he is, you should contact the police department, ask if a detective has been assigned to the case, and if so, ask to speak to that detective. Tell the detective that you have information about the suspects probably whereabouts and ask that he be arrested on the warrant.

If there is no detective assigned, simply ask to speak to an officer in charge and give that officer the same information.