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How long does it take for settlement after the last visit to your doctor?

Chicago, IL |

Hi, I was injured in march of this month. And i just saw my doctor for the last time. He has released me frm his care with permanent restrictions... If i file for workers compensation now, How long should it take? if my case have to go to a trial after filing for the claim, How long it usually take to get to that point? will it take same amount of time with third party case?
If my lawyer is clueless about who the third party is in my case, and everytime i mention him if my insurence answered. My lawyer basically ask me if this is the company responsible for my injury. Do u think he is the right lawyer?

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The answer to your headline question as to how long it takes for a settlement after the last visit to a doctor can vary from case to case depending on many factors including whether there are any complicating factors in proof of liability or damages. You need to schedule a sit down meeting with your attorney to review and have a heart to heart conversation. You've
asked at least 5 questions in several short lines with scant information. Give the attorney a chance to answer your concerns.

This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It is not offered as, and does not constitute, legal advice. Laws vary widely from state to state. You should rely only on the advice given to you during a personal consultation by a local attorney who is thoroughly familiar with state laws and the area of practice in which your concern lies.


Ask all these half dozen questions of your own lawyer.

God bless. Best of luck to you.

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Your attorney should be familiar with your case by now. If you don't feel that you are being taken seriously or that your attorney is working hard for you, you have the right to find someone new. Consider first talking with your current attorney. Do they have a lot of experience in your type of claim? Do they have experience with third-party lawsuits in work injury cases? Ask a lot of questions. If you aren't confident in their ability to represent you, get a second opinion. If you have further questions, feel free to call. I can also recommend an attorney for you to meet with if you'd like a referral. 1-312-346-5320. Good luck.


Why would your lawyer know the proper third party? What information have you given your lawyer about the identity of the third party that injured you? Of course he is asking you if he has identified the correct third party. He cannot figure that out without some help from you.

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