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How long does it take for an inmate to await expedition to another state. new york to new jersey?

Massapequa, NY |

what are the new jersey laws in regards to holding an inmate. how many days are they allowed to hold you

if you have a violation of probation from 10yrs ago, but have put 4months into the probation,do you have to serve the remaining time?

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If a person is being held in NY, and it is alleged that he/she has committed a crime in another state, such person may be held for a period of time not to exceed 30 days unless the accused posts bail, while waiting to be extradited to the other state. However, following the 30 day period, if the accused has not posted bail, he/she may be recommitted for a further period of 60 days. If the accused is being held in NJ, to be extradited back to NY, I would urge you to contact a NJ lawyer. If the person is being held in NY to be extradited back to NJ, you should contact a NY lawyer.