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How long does it take for an adjuster to view a demand package?

Schererville, IN |

Is there a particular amount of time the adjuster has to look over the demand package. I was in an auto accident in which the other driver was found to be 100% at fault. What happens after this is done?

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There may be a statutory time period in your state but in Florida an Georgia a "reasonable" time is typically 20-60 days depending on the facts of the claim. Your attorney typically puts a time limit on the demand so where there is not a specific legal time period it is up to your attorney to push for a response. It sounds like you have an attorney so you should call him/her and discuss the issue. Good luck.

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An adjuster for routine cases where liability is not in question and medical records are light can still take 30-50 days to review a demand. Ask your attorney what his or her experience is with that particular adjuster or insurance company. If your case is of a more complex nature (especially medically) it can take a little longer, but your attorney can stay on the insurance company to give an offer on your case. If they do not respond, your attorney can file a lawsuit.


Adjusters obviously control the purse of the insurance company -- because of that, you want to give them the time they need to properly evaluate. Two months is a long time to wait. if the injuries claimed are not catastrophic, the amount of time ought to be around 30 days, tops.

Good luck to you!

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it depends on the insurance company and the adjuster. some insurance companies as a matter of routine do not give a good faith review of demand packages. if it is allstate or a substandard carrier (high risk), you are not going to get a reasonable offer. if it is farm bureau, they will usually review the claim in earnest and try and work with you. state farm is a mixed bag and is very short on adjusters right now so it can take a while. a reasonable time is 2 weeks.



Do you have any experience with Farmer's Insurance?

Terrence Marc Rubino

Terrence Marc Rubino


alot. i don't consider them as reasonable. they may get back to you within a reasonable time but i seriously doubt you will be happy with the offer. hope i am wrong. good luck.


The amount of time it takes for the adjuster to review the demand package depends on several factors, such as how busy the adjuster is, how complex your claim is, how much information was submitted with the demand package, etc. I tell my clients it may take as long as 30 days, but usually is quicker than that.

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