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How long does it take for a drug test to come back if sent by probation officer in the state of florida?

Lakeland, FL |

I'm on this felony probation for accepting stolen goods even though I was not aware of it when I pawned these things. Now i'm on felony probation for it cause the person who stole them was put in felony probation also. She has already violated and is in jail. Now i'm waiting to know something regarding my failed urine test from last Thursday. it's been 7 days including the weekend . What is my active sentence if I willing revoke?

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Your sentence on a violation of probation is going to depend on your guideline range. Do you have any idea of your guideline range?



I have no idea of what my guideline would be. Is there a way that I can turn myself in prior to being arrested in public? How much is the average price range to hire a lawyer for this?


The Drug Labs usually fax the Probation officers with the results in a few business days of receiving the test in the mail. After that if you in fact tested positive, the PO will normally draw up a VOP affidavit and take it to the judge to sign a warrant for your arrest.

If your probation officer has, or is going to submit a VOP affidavit to the judge, then you need to hire a Lawyer ASAP. Also, know that even if you are being violated you are still on probation, and you have to continue to follow all of the rules of probation. Don't stop going to probation just because you think you already violated. Feel free to call my cell 407-349-7474 if you have any more questions. My office handles VOPs and I'd be happy to give you a free consultation.