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How long does it take for a conviction to show up on your record? Does it matter if it's a felony or a m/m?

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It will appear after the papers have been processed. usually it shows up pretty quickly.

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Once a person has been sentenced in California (I don't know about Massachusetts) the county clerk's office is required to notify the California Department of Justice (DOJ) of the conviction. (Cal. Government Code section § 69844.5.) There is no statutory time limit within which this must be done, but the clerks' offices rarely let this data languish.

The DOJ will then enter the conviction in its data base. In my experience, this takes between 2-6 weeks, depending upon the speed with which the clerk gets the information to Sacramento. The DOJ database is statewide and accessible by law enforcement (including DA offices) as soon as the data appears. The information is also accessible to the FBI, but isn't everything?

It does not matter whether it is a felony or conviction.