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How long does it take for a bench warrant to go away

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how long does it take for a bench warrant to go away

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It doesn't go away unless it is recalled by a judge or you get arrested.


They do not "go away". Ignoring a warrant is equal to sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich.
Bad things happen if you do not address outstanding warrants.
Go to the court clerk in the court that issued the warrant. Ask for the case to be put on clendar for you to surrender on the warrant. In my experience, judges do not normally put people in jail when ythey voluntarily appear in court.

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Although the warrant won't just "go away" on its own, an experienced attorney may be able to use the delay to your advantage.

Why did you miss the court date? Why didn't you go back and take care of the matter? What have you been doing in the meantime?

These are all questions an attorney will ask. (DO NOT post the answers here on Avvo, where anybody in the world, including the prosecutor and DA, can read them.)

If the cops could have found you, but didn't make reasonable efforts to find you, the case could be dismissed on due process grounds if the delay was unreasonable.

Many criminal defense attorneys offer a free initial consultation. You might check with someone in your area... instead of spending every day looking over your shoulder.

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