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How long does it take after signing the claim of release form to receive your settlement?

Gilbert, AZ |

I just signed a settlement release form from Allstate and sent it to my attorney, about a month ago. I’m want to know how long does it take to receive my check? I asked my attorney, but she just tells me, that I will be receiving it soon, after the "settlement draft is received from the insurance company"

How long does this usually take? Are my attorneys not telling me something?

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Were there any liens your attorney is negotiating down? If not, it should be imminent...don't let the money burn a hole in your pocket when you get it..



Yes, there were a few liens for doctors, but alot of attorneys on here are telling me that it should only take a week, but I signed the release forms a month ago? And everytime I call my attorneys office they tell me there still waitng?


Good advice by Mr. Lessen. The check usually comes within days. Most of the time I will ask the adjuster when I can expect to receive the check. I ask that question so my client has a good idea of when To expect the money. The check has to go thru the attorney trust account, usually there is no delay. Ask your lawyer.


Not long. Usually this type of thing goes quickly. I would recommend you call them and ask after a week.

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A month should be more than enough time for Allstate to issue a settlement check. Even if there are lien issues to resolve, that shouldn't hold up getting the settlement check in your lawyer's trust account. There could be other issues that might be delaying the issuance of the check. You should ask your lawyer why it is taking so long and if there are unresolved issues holding it up. If so, find our what those issues are and what your lawyer's plans are for resolving them.

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Should be no more than 10 business days.


I've done lots of settlements with Allstate. They can be difficult to settle with but once a deal is reached and they get the signed release from my client, the check usually comes quickly.

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