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How long does it take a charge to show up on criminal record

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Criminal citation for leaving child unattended in vehicle

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It really depends on the database that is being searched and where the charge was issued, and by what agency. I don't know that anyone is going to be able to give you a set amount of time that applies to every charge in every jurisdiction showing up on every database of criminal records.

In general, internal law enforcement databases tend to be pretty quick - within the same day as the charge. But it depends on when the charge gets from the agency that issued it to the law enforcement database, and that's where the big variable comes in.

Other criminal record databases will vary depending on how they get information.


I agree with my colleague. Once the arrest or conviction occurs, the information is entered into various databases on a schedule that pertains to that database. In essence, once these events occur, presume that the information is entered within a 1 day period, although it can be both quicker and slower. Good luck.

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It really depends on the database you use and how fast the clerk's office inserts the data into the database. Criminal cases generally take a few days, and it is very county dependant. Some counties update their system much faster than others.

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