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How long does it normally take for a court summons to arrive?

Compton, CA |

I shoplifted a $10 item at Rite Aid on late February. I payed the Civil Demand on time, and received nothing back. I'd like to know how long it can take to get this summons in the mail? How long after this incident am I in the clear? Thank you for your time.

No police were called, but I am aware the store can file a criminal charge on any given day after the incident. When I said summons I meant for criminal matters, not civil, sorry.

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Because the police were not involved in the original situation, the odds are overwhelming that no criminal charges will ever be filed. Could they? Yes. The prosecution has up to a year from the date of the incident to file charges against you.

If you're asking about a summons to civil court - because you paid their civil demand, that settles any civil case regarding this incident and you won't be getting a summons.

If you're asking about getting a release from them.... if you paid, contact them and demand they send you a release.


It was a mistake to pay the CIVIL DEMAND. It goes to a law firm and has NOTHING to do with whether you'll be CRIMINALLY proescuted for the shoplifting, and for a $10 item, you probably won't be.

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If you paid the civil demand, then you shouldn't ever receive a court summons for a civil lawsuit. (You already indicated your awareness on the criminal side).