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How long does foc take to start a child support case?

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I just had my first baby 2 months ago and I filed for child support through Department Of Human Services and mailed the form they told me to mail over a month ago I guess they refer it to Friend Of The Court and I still haven't heard a thing from them.I know the father's phone number and address is the same so why haven't they contacted me or the dad yet? The only thing I didn't know was his social security number but if I have the phone number and he's already in the system.I'm pretty sure he's paying child support to someone else so if they have all that information why is it taking so long? They haven't even told me if I have a case or not.How does that usually go? Do I just wait for Friend Of The Court to contact me? Will they provide a attorney or do I have to do itmyself

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It may be taking so long because the "friend of the court" office has a lot of cases to deal with. If the father is in fact the biological father of the child, you would have a case, you would be entitled to receive child support. One option would be that you wait for the "friend of the court" office to contact you, & if & when they ever do, they likely would be able to get the child support order for you & you wouldn't need to obtain or pay for an attorney. But who knows how long you would have to wait. Another option that's available would be to hire a family law lawyer on your own, if you're financially able to do this. This approach likely could get you child support faster.


I tell people if you want the government to do something for you for free, you get what you pay for. If you want to move the case along, you can file yourself and / or hire your own attorney. I had a client that waited nine or ten months after they made the request before they called me. An order for the FOC to calculate support was entered within two weeks on me getting on the case.

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