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How long does emancipation take it your parent is not going to fight it?

Indianapolis, IN |

I am a 17 year old girl from Indiana, and I live with a friend where I pay rent and provide for myself. My mother who is my only custodial parent will not willingly emancipate me, but will not fight it if I go to court. The reason for wanting to go through this process if because of an unfit home. My goal is to get an apartment that is closer to the office I am working in and my high school. To do this, I know I must be emancipated or 18. Because of my specific situation, I do not have time to wait until my 18th birthday. This is why I need to have some sort of idea on how long this could take, taking into consideration my current financial status.

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There are few things to consider. First, the time it takes for a hearing to be set, heard by the judge and decided can very GREATLY based purely on the court's schedule. This could be a few months or several. Second, it's not a guarantee that the judge would approve the emancipation,even if your parent(s) do not contest it. There are certain elements that must be proved and abilities demonstrated for approval.

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